Equipments to Help you get Better Sleep

psychologists, doctors, researchers, consultants or therapists, all of these sleep experts agree on a dozen of tools and equipment to facilitate both falling asleep and sleep quality. Here are a the most effective ones:

Sleep Masks

It’s simple, effective and generally cheap,

The sleep mask, or night mask, allows you to isolate one of the main phenomena preventing falling asleep: the excess of brightness. Indeed, the body naturally has a tendency to rest in the darkness while the light pushes it to remain awake. The darker it is, the faster you fall asleep. The sleep mask makes it possible to artificially create the darkness necessary for falling asleep. A good sleep mask should be light and comfortable to wear. It must also be totally opaque: the slightest ray of light filtering through may interfere with your sleep.

Ear Plugs

It is indisputable that the poor quality of sleep leads to a multitude of negative consequences for health and daily life: tiredness and drowsiness, mood disorders, sluggishness and depression, to name only the main ones. If you want to use earplugs to try to find or maintain proper sleep time and quality to avoid these negative effects, here are some things to check before choosing a model:

Acoustic attenuation: An earplug with hearing protection between 20 to 30 dB is usually sufficient.

it is necessary to check not to be allergic to the materials composing the ear plugs (foam with or without silicone, wax, elastomer). Disposable caps should only be used when clean or new.

This element is specific to the morphology of each and to the perception or not of an embarrassment. It is therefore best to start by testing disposable models before eventually investing in reusable hearing protections.



White Noise Machines

Using machines or applications that transmit ambient noise can help some people sleep better. But no definitive study has yet been conducted on this subject, and experts warn against a possible form of (harmless) dependence.

People who are looking for non-drug sleep assistance often turn to white-noise devices. It can be a specific machine, or simply a fan, a smartphone application or any other object capable of producing a regular noise. The sound coverage can save the sleep of people who live in noisy places.

It can also be useful for people who have trouble sleeping in total silence, and for sleepers who are light sleepers, who start at the slightest crackle or background noise. In addition, there are not only white noise devices, but also pink or brown noise, whose frequencies and acoustic properties are slightly different.

A Good Pillow

Choose a pillow suitable for your sleep position.

Know that when you fall asleep, you will usually change about 40 times of positions per night. The contact with the pillow diverges then several times in the night. Changes in the positioning of your head and neck affect your muscles and vertebrae. So you need to get a pillow for your movements to accompany them and provide excellent support of the neck to spend serene nights and awakenings without pain. The choice of your pillow is important in relation to your sleep habits. For your well-being, discover our tips for choosing your pillow.

People who sleep on their backs move little. They are in the minority because less than 1/7 of sleepers adopt this position while it generates a better quality of sleep.

choose a fairly flat pillow so you do not have your head too low or too high.

In the shape memory category, we recommend the aeropur rectangular shaped memory pillow, soft and adapted to this sleeping position.

If you prefer the comfort of latex, we offer 100% latex pillows especially in dimensions 55x55cm if you have wide shoulders or ergonomic latex pillows. The principle of these pillows is to offer support to the most precise for your head in the extension of your spine.

Finally, avoid sleeping on your back without a pillow so as not to weaken your neck.

Sleeping in the summer: ventilate and humidify the room

The installation of an air conditioning system is certainly the best solution. Unfortunately, air conditioners are expensive and not everyone can afford them. Fortunately, there are other less expensive ways to cool off and sleep better. The first thing to do is to create a natural ventilation by draft, explains Dr.Royant-Parola. You can also use a fan but pay attention to the electricity bill. When buying, check the energy label, focusing on devices that consume the least (Class A or more).

As our specialist points out, sleeping in a room that is too dry is unpleasant. “We sleep better if the air is wetter, so we can use a humidifier or, alternatively, hang a damp cloth, wet the curtains or even dry the laundry in the room”.



Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket designed to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation. Choose the weight based on your body weight.

A good gift for you and your loved ones. Heavy blanket helps to relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being restrained or hugged and falling asleep quickly and sleeping better.

The removable duvet cover is made of ultra-soft organic cotton or microfiber with zipper, easy to clean. The inner layer and lid are machine washable at a low, soft setting. Air dry for best results.

The weighted inner layer and the duvet cover are sold separately. In hot days, you can use the inner layer without a lid and, in cold days, you can add a warm removable lid to the inner layer.

The weighted inner layer is made of 100% cotton and its compartments are filled with hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and odorless sand granules that feel more delicate and comfortable than plastic pellets.