Herbal Remedies for

Sleep Disorders

Spending a few sleepless nights occasionally is not a worrying problem, a chronic lack of sleep can, however, disrupt all daily activities and be responsible for a disruption of school activities (especially among elementary students and college), difficulties at work (absenteeism, lack of performance), daily accidents due to lack of vigilance.

Insomnia can be manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Hard to fall asleep;
  • intermittent sleep
  • waking up too early;
  • a feeling of tiredness on waking, despite having slept a sufficient number of hours;
  • tiredness and drowsiness during the day;
  • irritability or anxiety
  • headaches;
  • difficulty concentrating during the day.

In the long term, drugs prescribed for insomnia, induce addiction. To avoid this trap, we have gathered a list of alternative herbal remedies that would help you to get better sleep. We also think CBD oils and E liquids are also very helpful for better sleep and anxieties. Ignite CBD E liquid is one fo the most wellknown E liquid brands. 


Natural product against stress and anxiety.

Less known and yet very effective, this pretty plant is also called “passion flower”. Passionflower is a natural anxiolytic. Its leaves and flowers are used for their properties on anxiety, irritability and emotion-related emotionality.

It contributes to optimal relaxation, promotes good sleep and helps maintain physical and mental well-being.


Passionflower exists in different forms:

In capsules: practical and tasteless, they are taken during the day with each meal.

In mother tinctures: these fresh herbal hydro-alcoholic extracts are assimilated more quickly because they are in liquid form but contain alcohol. It is advisable to take the drops 30 minutes before bedtime in a little water.

In herbal tea: it is a simple and pleasant way to consume this plant before bedtime.

Posology for use of passionflower: use at least 3 weeks and extend several weeks as needed.

Contraindications for taking passionflower: Due to the sedative effect of this plant, it is desirable not to drive during treatment. In case of taking hypnotics or anxiolytics, it is advisable to seek advice from your doctor because simultaneous intake could cause overdose.

Passiflora is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women as well as children under 6 years of age.


According to a 2009 study, valerian could calm stress and anxiety by acting on certain chemical messengers of the brain. The World Health Organization recognizes the use of this plant to “treat nervous agitation and associated sleep disorders.” It is therefore ideal for people who are very nervous or agitated, who are struggling to sleep.

To benefit from its soothing effects, brew 1 teaspoon of valerian in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Drink 2 to 3 cups a day, including about 1 hour before bedtime.

GOO TO KNOW: you should usually take valerian for 2 to 4 weeks before feeling the sedative effects. Beyond 6 weeks, it can however cause the opposite effect, that is to say, be responsible … insomnia!

Hops & CBD Gummies

The dried flowers of hops have recognized sedative properties, especially by traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic medicine. In 2010, an American study showed that the combination of hops and valerian can reduce sleep time, reduce nighttime awakenings and improve the quality of sleep.

The best way to enjoy it is to infuse 1g of dried hop flowers in 250ml of boiling water for 10 min. Drink this infusion 2 or 3 times a day. CBD Gummies is also a good remedie because this allows all the benefist of CBD without any THC. There are many CBD gummies retailers like www.cbdoilking.co.uk we particulary like the brand Ignite CBD

GOOD TO KNOW: Dried hops flowers contain a powerful natural narcotic, Methybutenol. Hence their sedative efficacy! But rest assured, they can not lead to addiction.


According to several Japanese studies conducted between 2006 and 2008, lavender has the effect of reducing blood pressure and decreasing the level of cortisol (responsible for stress) in the blood. Result: a relaxing effect beneficial to sleep.

For a good night’s sleep, infuse 1 to 1.5 g of dried lavender flowers in a cup of boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. Drink up to 3 cups a day, including one at bedtime.

GOOD TO KNOW: lavender would also be effective as an essential oil. Put 1 to 4 drops on a small piece of sugar and let it melt in the mouth. Or simply drop a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow. A hot bath, perfumed with 20 drops of lavander HE diluted in 1 tablespoon of liquid soap, can also have an effect.


The 3 golden rules for quality sleep

  • Sleep in a cool room at 18 ° C;
  • Light dinner (heavy meals disrupt sleep)
  • Have a bedtime rhythm (regular schedule, ventral breathing, reading) to allow the body to get in shape.

Anxiety is a major cause of sleep disorders and can lead to more serious sleep disturbances, such as insomnia. CBD Oil is simultaneously beneficial for the body and the mind, according to CBD Oil King. It has been studied for its anti-anxiolytic effects, as well as for its antidepressant qualities.

Another responsible for a bad sleep, jet lag. This is a common consequence of a trip through time zones. Jet lag can easily disrupt your circadian rhythm and make you sleepy during annoying times of the day. As the endocannabinoid system aims to maintain homeostasis in the body, CBD helps relieve some of the painful effects of these temporary sleep problems