About Me


About Me

Hello my name Jack Serreno and I’m 34 years, welcome to my blog where i explain what’s actually going on when you wake up at night completely paralyzed, with bizarre, humanoid creatures standing over you. This terrifying experience (often misinterpreted as supernatural phenomena) is surprisingly common.

When it first happened to meat that moment, one question was twisting my brain: “What’s happening to me? What is happening to me ? “. Anxious, panicked, I tried to bend my muscles, move my legs, lift my arms … in vain. I lay on my back, looking through my darkened room, only to notice as time passed that I was literally trapped in my own body.

Paralysis of sleep, sensations and hallucinations

After a few seconds spent trying to regain control of my limbs (a posterior, I guess I had to look like Kill Bill’s ordained heroin: “Move your big toe !!”), came the sensation that accompanies the majority of sleep paralysis: suffocation.

While my respiratory muscles were working perfectly, I felt that about ten hands were pressing against my chest, compressing my chest and my lungs, preventing me from properly catching my breath. I could hear my breathing hiss, and the more I forced on my chest to suck more air, the more it seemed to hang and compress, as under the effect of a huge bag of invisible sand placed on me. Did you say “vicious circle”?

I did not know very well if I dreamed or if I was perfectly conscious. I was choking, I panicked, I could see everything around me, but it was impossible for me to move. I wanted to call my brother sleeping in the room next to mine, so he could come shake me, help me, do something, no matter, as long as I was not alone in this state. I then made a considerable effort to open my jaw, produce a sound. I could not do it.

Even my vocal cords, my lips, my mouth, seemed frozen, and so I stood there, silent and motionless in spite of myself, looking at my ceiling or the walls of my bedroom, frightened and not knowing what to do. Then there was the hallucinations. I think you all know, at least from sight as he is famous, the painting of the Swiss artist Füssli: The Nightmare.

Today with everything that I have learned about sleep disorders and sleep paralyses in particular, I am unable to tell you how long my sleep paralysis lasted. A few seconds ? Two minutes ? A quarter of an hour ?.

So join me through out my journey where I share everything that I’ve learned so far about sleep and its disorders.